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cover / крышка, обложка, чехол
имя существительное
cap, cover, lid, case, hood, top
cover, jacket, envelope
cover, case, jacket, slipcover, hood, covering
cover, covering, veil, coat, blanket, mantle
housing, casing, cover, shell, case, shroud
cover, embrace, span, comprise, grasp, envelop
cover, coat, spread, case, shield, cope
close, cover, shut, shut down, shut up, close down
cover, screen, cloak, shelter, veil, blank
cover, lay, straddle
имя существительное
a thing that lies on, over, or around something, especially in order to protect or conceal it.
a seat cover
physical shelter or protection sought by people in danger.
the sirens wailed and people ran for cover
a place setting at a table in a restaurant.
Slightly smaller, with about 40 covers , the restaurant will continue to produce his distinctive cuisine.
a recording or performance of a previously recorded song made especially to take advantage of the original's success.
A tired old boy band singing a cover version of a song that was rubbish anyway?
put something such as a cloth or lid on top of or in front of (something) in order to protect or conceal it.
the table had been covered with a checked tablecloth
deal with (a subject) by describing or analyzing its most important aspects or events.
a sequence of novels that will cover the period from 1968 to the present
(of a sum of money) be enough to pay (a bill or cost).
there are grants to cover the cost of materials for loft insulation
disguise the sound or fact of (something) with another sound or action.
Louise laughed to cover her embarrassment
aim a gun at (someone) in order to prevent them from moving or escaping.
He could only watch with an impressed look and cover her with his gun.
As the patrol departs the compound, the gunners swing their turrets and cover out.
We darted form place to place, seeking what little cover we could find.
Right now they aren't firing at me, I guess because of the tree cover , but I can't take that chance on stopping.
She was clandestine, but probably wasn't exactly working under the deepest cover around.
There is a dense cloud cover , and then it rains.
Often what seems like adequate grass cover does not support satisfactory levels of gain.
the restaurant was run as a cover for a money-laundering operation
Other courses cover issues that are important for all aspects of humanitarian work.
It is an interactive exhibition encouraging visitors to pretend they are a spy and choose a cover identity.
They packed up in a hurry and got to the partial cover of the trees.