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covenant / завет, соглашение, договор
имя существительное
covenant, testament, behest, dispensation
agreement, convention, deal, arrangement, contract, covenant
contract, agreement, treaty, pact, compact, covenant
заключать соглашение
contract, complete an agreement, covenant
имя существительное
an agreement.
But the fact that he is abusing the marriage covenant does not mean the marriage covenant does not exist.
agree, especially by lease, deed, or other legal contract.
the landlord covenants to repair the property
He made a covenant with Abraham to be God to him and to his descendants after him.
Mr. Brosovsky has since broken that covenant , but I will hold mine.
The ten commandments are the moral covenant of the Old Testament, the beatitudes the moral covenant of the New.
there was a covenant between them that her name was never to be mentioned
The New Covenant permits Gentile Christians to be included in the covenant with Abraham.
The marriage covenant is the foundation of the family.
Their responsibility to uphold the covenant was both communal and individual.
Already some states of America - Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana - have started a covenant marriage program.
It is God, because He is faithful to His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who has preserved the Jews.
As a third term, the covenant engages aspects of the body politic as well as the modern contract.