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coven / шабаш ведьм, сборище
имя существительное
шабаш ведьм
coven, sabbath, witches sabbath
gathering, mob, coven, get-together, round-up, be-in
имя существительное
a group or gathering of witches who meet regularly.
On the first day of spring in 1996, our local newspaper ran an article about a local coven of witches.
I didn't join a coven that officially declared me a Witch; I just knew.
Any Witch who is part of a coven or more specifically a tradition can tell you this.
They all got together to talk about me, it was like a witches coven .
Willow was spending time with the coven of witches in Devon, trying to put her life back together.
It starts off uniquely enough, with a coven of witches proclaiming their lust for vengeance against a Polish nobleman.
She says New Music is meant to be enjoyed by large audiences, not simply a coven of woolly-haired academics.
He travels to a remote island where he uncovers a coven of witches engaged in outdoor orgies and human sacrifice.
Sometimes a great mystery writer is forgotten way too soon - and needs to be brought back to public attention by a coven of loyal fans.
Welles plays the head of a witches coven , who has his heart set on raising his son from the dead.
It is understood that a coven of witches was held at Rathcroghan Caves on the recent Halloween night.