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cove / бухта, бухточка, свод
имя существительное
bay, cove, bight, creek, flake, tier
cove, creek, inlet, covey, nook
vault, arch, vaulting, dome, corpus, cove
имя прилагательное
small, little, lesser, petit, cove, baby
сооружать свод
имя существительное
a small sheltered bay.
Be bold and take some time to explore some of the sheltered coves and quiet bays that can be found at a spot near you.
a concave arched molding, especially one formed at the junction of a wall with a ceiling.
Accessories such as moldings, cornices, coves and miters are also available.
a man.
he is a perfectly amiable cove
provide (a room, ceiling, etc.) with a cove.
To the left, off the hall, is a large open plan drawing/dining room with a coved ceiling and fitted wall lights.
He always struck me as an unconventional cove for whom few things would be off-limits.
A light cove measuring 5 by 7 feet conceals most of the room's fixtures and sheds a uniform glow.
We endured it until midday, then chose to find a sheltered cove to take a cooling dip.
Adjacent to the cove is the wall, which drops to 50m before becoming a sandy slope.
After judging that he had traveled far enough away from Denholm, Lassat set up camp in a small forest cove .
A worried passer-by spotted the couple sheltering in a cove and phoned for help.
he is a perfectly amiable cove
We shall put her in the side of a cove , and anchor our ships behind her.
She walked over to the large wardrobe that lined the wall between the cove and the windows.
It was set into the mountain side, and trees bent over it, so that it's cove would be hidden by low hanging branches and leaves.