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cousin / двоюродный брат, кузен, кузина
имя существительное
двоюродный брат
cousin, first cousin, cousin-german
cousin, cousin-german
cousin, cousin-german
имя существительное
a child of one's uncle or aunt.
Not just the immediate family, but including all my aunts, uncles, cousins , nieces, nephews.
The flat belonged to his cousin - a woman on the fringes of the underworld.
The result of all these developments is that, finally, the digital scope could make its analogue cousin obsolete.
Albeit a somewhat watered-down analog of garlic, their more malodorous cousin , raw onions are one of the best medicinal foods.
But if you decided to marry your first cousin , that would be very welcome.
By the age of five he was speaking French, having been instructed by a distant cousin in the back seat of grandmother's LaSalle.
Much as some may think otherwise, counter-insurgency and its cousin counter-terrorism are old businesses with a lot of history.
The family includes his wife, two daughters, his father, his cousin and sister-in-law.
Hume was Burns' second cousin once removed, and he dabbled in poetry himself.
My dad was busy as ever with work, so the family drafted in a distant cousin to help look after me, my brother and my sister during the summer holidays.
If someone asks me how I'm related to the bride or groom, I say I'm a distant cousin .