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courtyard / двор, внутренний двор, двор при доме
имя существительное
courtyard, yard, court, outdoors, garth, out-of-doors
внутренний двор
courtyard, peristyle
двор при доме
имя существительное
an unroofed area that is completely or mostly enclosed by the walls of a large building.
The long thin office wings enclose two hermetic internal courtyards or patios.
The service quarters will be elevated a storey above the courtyard wall and will no longer be concealed.
The resulting plan form includes a central hub, radial wings and segmental courtyards .
Outside she sat at one of the high tables that were set up along the back courtyards walls, shaded by a flowering tree.
A terrace, or block of flats, or subdivided larger houses, or building cloisters and courtyards or whatever.
The garden, reflecting the Elizabethan fashion, has four courtyards enclosed by high sandstone walls.
In much of the country, traditional houses are rectangular and have courtyards enclosed by high walls.
The wall contains three courtyards , of which the centre one is for the public.
This entrance forms an almost discrete passageway into the inner courtyards .
The downtown area is filled with brick buildings and courtyards , giving it an antiquated charm.
Prowling the halls and courtyards of the castle are legions of unholy creatures.