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courtship / ухаживание
имя существительное
courtship, attentions, flirtation, wooing, court, suit
имя существительное
a period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship, especially with a view to marriage.
Highly romantic courtships don't guarantee living happily ever after, but they are associated with a longer road to divorce.
he was eventually successful in his patient courtship of Dorothy
Male courtship display includes extending the dorsal fin, pursuing, and eventually biting the female.
So, too, men and women seem to be different, at least when it comes to courtship behavior.
he married his wife after a whirlwind courtship
Men's courtship attempts were described by comparison to just about every other public bid for power men engaged in.
During the breeding season, groups of males do their courtship display together, puffing out air sacs in their chest and spreading their tails.
Within the Zulu Kingdom in the late 1800s, an elaborate system of bead language was used, mainly to communicate messages about courtship in love tokens.
Among many good scenes in the book, Russel's courtship of his college sweetheart, a portrait of a nerd falling in love, is particularly well done.
the country's courtship of foreign investors
the country's courtship of foreign investors