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courtroom / зал суда
имя существительное
зал суда
имя существительное
the place or room in which a court of law meets.
We do not have the luxury of the system, which can provide instant access to litigants, in terms of courtrooms , judges and jury panels.
The verdicts and sentences were announced outside the courtroom by the prosecutor and defence lawyers.
It is possible, in some instances, to hold the trial in a courtroom where there is a specially protected dock.
If this action should go ahead to a trial, it would be quite some time before it would reach the courtroom .
Once again, we take you inside a courtroom for a real criminal trial in front of a judge and jury.
The role of counsel in the courtroom should never vary, and all counsel are to be on an equal footing.
Sometime later they reach a decision and the parties are all called back into the courtroom .
While once they chatted at the 19th hole, the pair may next meet across a civil courtroom .
We say that policy reasons seem to play a role in the courtroom, but not outside the courtroom .
a bitter courtroom battle
Both matters have been called outside the courtroom three times and there is no appearance.