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courtier / придворный, царедворец, льстец
имя существительное
courtier, groom
flatterer, smoothie, pleaser, sycophant, lickspittle, courtier
имя существительное
a person who attends a royal court as a companion or adviser to the king or queen.
The four knights were immediately recognised as royal courtiers and ushered into the Archbishop's private chambers.
She looks like a queen waiting for a courtier to arrive.
Thomas Lord Darcy, a courtier and companion of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York, built the house to fit his status as friend of the most powerful man after the King.
To be a courtier , a royal familiaris, was to be a man who might be at any time singled out to levy a tax, to govern a shire, to lead a campaign, even to kill the archbishop of Canterbury.
It consisted of dancing, speech, and song brought together in an allegorical ‘device’ in honour of the king or a prominent courtier .
The courtier and the king stood nearby watching the princess.
This cuts out the public, to be sure, but resembles the courtiers in any royal government.
Some of those allegedly cheated are said to be close friends of Prince Albert - and two royal courtiers were among Fogwell's employees.
James II's queen and courtiers took profits from the sale of those transported to the West Indies.
Like the king's courtiers , the princesses had to leave a room walking backward in the king's presence.
This lifestyle demanded that everything should be portable: the belongings of king and courtiers had therefore to be easily dismantled, packed and carried.