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coursework / курсовая
курсовая работа
course work
имя существительное
written or practical work done by a student during a course of study, usually assessed in order to count toward a final mark or grade.
the graduate program combines coursework and internship
coursework assignments
For myself, I've spent the last weeks thinking about coursework and finals.
I need time and unfortunately with more homework and coursework deadlines looming, I'm getting less and less.
It seems that many of the projects and coursework that children are doing in school now take much effort on the part of the parents.
Teachers may also get extra training to help them mark coursework accurately.
Look through any old classwork, homework and coursework you have and spot the errors.
Staff would then take action short of a strike, which is likely to include a refusal to mark students' exam papers or coursework .
Our students have to juggle classwork, homework and coursework with necessary revision and redrafting.
The inference seems to be that coursework always benefits the student, that it is a means by which slow students are better able to succeed.
Made up of six units, two units are based on external exams and four on teacher assessed coursework or portfolio evidence.