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courseware / учебного курса
имя существительное
computer programs or other material designed for use in an educational or training course.
The site, therefore, provides links to other online courseware directories, public domain courseware hosted locally, sites for courseware developers and Indian educational sites.
We provide distribution-neutral courseware for certification preparation training.
There has recently been a mad rush by universities, venture capitalists and corporations to develop online courses, virtual universities, education portals, and courseware .
However it is also the case that educational courseware tends to encourage traditional rather than innovative pedagogy.
Plus you get a printer, scanner and computer courseware CD to brush up your PC skills.
Committee members decided on the general topic of distance learning and also decided upon using educational courseware as part of the program.
People who rarely, if ever, have any communication with students sometimes design such courseware .
We kickstart self-learners on the road to competence with freely available tools, training and courseware .
At the colleges, Services for Students with Disabilities have the responsibility to make courseware accessible.
This courseware might include printed materials, audio on CDs, as well as video presentations on DVDs.
Consider the convenience of having the program automatically download enhancements and additional courseware as they become available.