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courier / курьер, нарочный, посыльный
имя существительное
courier, carrier, messenger, express, runner, special messenger
courier, special messenger
messenger, bellhop, courier, runner, bellboy, commissionaire
имя существительное
a messenger who transports goods or documents, in particular.
a person employed to guide and assist a group of tourists.
The fun began in the South of France when I was a tour courier .
send or transport (goods or documents) by courier.
I've sent her a large bouquet of flowers and couriered her some photos of her great-grandchildren both of which she was very happy to receive.
Each day a courier from Washington would bring to the New York office the latest current intelligence products for use by the President-elect and his staff.
‘The courier company still does the transport of the parcel, but we provide a value-added service to ensure that it gets at the right place at the right time’, he said.
Regardless of the mushrooming courier services, post boxes in the city will still be important, she is certain.
Sticking to our roadway analogy, long-haul trucking may be more sensitive to throughput, while a courier service may be more demanding on latency.
Most of the world's major courier companies have integrated their air courier and cargo services with distribution, logistics and warehousing management services.
Arrive at the airport on time to meet a courier service representative.
Until recently, delivery to the mainland was at times unreliable but a new courier service is in place and next day delivery is guaranteed.
Though whites were concerned about her masculine appearance, she worked as a guide, courier , warrior and peacemaker for the next 25 years.
a courier service
the cheque was dispatched by courier