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courage / мужество, храбрость, смелость
имя существительное
courage, bravery, guts, fortitude, virility, heart
bravery, courage, gallantry, mettle, spirit, spunk
courage, boldness, daring, audacity, confidence, pluck
имя существительное
the ability to do something that frightens one.
she called on all her courage to face the ordeal
Then, drawing on every reserve of strength and courage , she drew the stinger forth.
To seek safety and protection in our country has taken courage and persistence.
he fought his illness with great courage
His courage in facing his illness was inspirational and his death must be a release for him and his family.
That spirit of optimism and courage still beckons people across the world who want to come here.
The courage of people who keep their love together till death do them part.
What he was, was real and ordinary, but with extraordinary courage in the face of his fear and his pain.
Where are the politicians who have the ability and the moral courage to grasp it?
The artistic director of a truly great company needs courage , intelligence and drive.
It is only now that many of these have the freedom and the courage to make their pain known.