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couplet / куплет, двустишие, рифмованное двустишие
имя существительное
couplet, distich
рифмованное двустишие
имя существительное
two lines of verse, usually in the same meter and joined by rhyme, that form a unit.
The source texts are then reformed into single aphoristic lines, couplets , quatrains, and whole poems.
The concluding couplet of this stanza tells us what the nativity will do by systematically listing the state of things before the birth and the conditions brought into the world by it.
Many primary grade pupils enjoy rhyme in a couplet when writing poetry.
The script flips inexplicably between prose and rhyming couplets , and the mixing of musical styles repeatedly undermines audience expectations.
He'd write poems, rhyming couplets , four-line stanzas about riding in the mountain bike park.
And it does it all with humor, without jargon, and in rhyming couplets .
It was translated into English iambic pentameter with rhymed couplets .
Not quite rhyming couplets , but there's couplet behaviour.
Beneath the effigy is an inscription written in rhyming couplets .
Daringly, the lines are delivered in rhyming couplets .
Both rely heavily on rhyme, favoring couplets but committed to casual or accidental placement rather than to any definite scheme.