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coupler / сцепщик, сцепка, устройство связи
имя существительное
coupler, shunter
coupling, coupler
устройство связи
имя существительное
something that connects two things, especially mechanical components or systems.
a hydraulic coupler
I never took the coupler out of my bag and, for the first time since 1992, went a week without picking up my email.
It is among his choices for an exhibition of chromogenic dye coupler prints that speaks of the alienation and introspection of travel.
Ask your local dealers about the availability of a universal coupler ; its name describes it well.
This coupler features five bolts - three on the larger-diameter side and two on the smaller-diameter side.
coupler rod
It is now thought by the railways to be adequately done with electronic devices connected to the last coupler .
A user-controlled shutter system determined which laser was directed at the coupler .
It is a silver halide photographic material containing a magenta coupler and a compound that can break the aggregation of an azomethine dye.
So we designed a bucket where the coupler hinges were located high on the bucket.
In another design innovation, manufacturers offer a coupler feature on some machines, which allows operators to change attachments, often without leaving the cab.