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countrywide / по всей стране, общенародный, всенародный
имя прилагательное
по всей стране
nationwide, public, countrywide
national, nationwide, countrywide
имя прилагательное
extending throughout a nation.
a countrywide tour
Our Mobile Units travel countrywide staffed by a registered nurse.
The month-long countrywide amnesty officially ended at midnight and officers are in the process of collating the final figures.
A petition against the regulations is circulating at health shops countrywide .
On their agenda: a countrywide tour and a series of grassroots lectures.
The project would be part of a countrywide pilot scheme involving some 100 teams in different areas of the country.
The response to this was overwhelming with over 340 entrants countrywide .
Advisers carried out the updated assessment on the impact of the weather on farming countrywide earlier this week.
The Department also intends to conduct a full re-evaluation of ewe premium applications countrywide .
The program includes educating 55,000 first grade pupils each year countrywide .
It is much better to have parcels of forestry countrywide , integrated farm forestry is the way forward.