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countryside / сельская местность, деревня, округа
имя существительное
сельская местность
countryside, country
village, countryside, country, hamlet, settlement, thorp
neighborhood, region, countryside, community, vicinity, radius
имя существительное
the land and scenery of a rural area.
they explored the surrounding countryside
Unable to free their car, the two friends roam the countryside looking for help.
Populated by some 68 indigenous ethic minorities, its spectacularly rugged countryside is dotted with their villages of stilted huts.
In snubbing the countryside and its urban allies, the Government got it seriously wrong.
The area around his home is open, hilly countryside with rough terrain.
they explored the surrounding countryside
they explored the surrounding countryside
She enjoys spending time by herself, and prefers the countryside to the city.
the political influence of the countryside remains strong
The many temples that dot the countryside have been either damaged or have collapsed.
Viticulture flourished despite the frequent civil wars, which were on too small a scale to devastate the Tuscan countryside .