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country / страна, местность, родина
имя существительное
country, nation, land, region, clime
terrain, locality, country, ground, community, situation
home, homeland, country, birthplace, motherland, native land
имя прилагательное
country, suburban, villatic, out-of-town
rural, country, rustic, bucolic, peasant, Arcadian
rustic, rural, country, hillbilly, countrified, russet
имя существительное
a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.
the country's increasingly precarious economic position
districts and small settlements outside large towns, cities, or the capital.
the airfield is right out in the country
an area or region with regard to its physical features.
a tract of wild country
They are fearful that they will follow in the local district courts around the country .
On the Monday the country enjoyed a public holiday to celebrate the Queen's Birthday.
A campaign group has been launched in an attempt to stop people dying on the country lanes of the region.
Then he said they had died in a gun battle with soldiers on a country road outside the capital.
The three of us speed off out of Nottingham, through the centre of Derby, and out onto the country lanes beyond.
Incentives and discipline work together to secure a desirable outcome for the country as a whole.
But he or she needs to be seen to have the support of the country as a whole, as well as the goods to do the job.
In theory the whole of the country could be represented at a meeting of the Estates.
Many mangrove forest areas along the country 's coast have been converted into fish farms.
She had gone to bathe before she prepared for a long and wearying journey across wild country .