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countrified / деревенский, с деревенским видом
имя прилагательное
rustic, rural, country, hillbilly, countrified, russet
с деревенским видом
имя прилагательное
reminiscent or characteristic of the country, especially in being unsophisticated.
a countrified cottage garden
Along these tributaries, in the remote regions, people of a more countrified appearance occupied passing vehicles.
This is a countrified area, the jewel of Salford, and it is grotesque that it should be changed in this way just to make money.
They're not farms, they're not countrified in the national stereotype that we've got about the bush.
Much of the rest is rather tepid countrified folk-rock.
When I first came down here, I was shocked by the anger it caused in countrified folk.
And but so then the solo hits and you'd be way hard-pressed to call it anything besides countrified , wouldn't you?
A countrified 63, she is the epitome of the Aga babe, all rosy cheeks and unkempt locks and warmth.
I was awkward and countrified , but the ladies took me in and tamed me as best they could.
At first listen, it is a set of simple, direct, delicious and honest countrified songs, hurting music about love gone wrong.
The obvious thing may seem to make it as countrified as possible.