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counterweight / противовес, контргруз
имя существительное
counterweight, counterbalance, counter, balance, counterpoise, offset
counterweight, counterbalance, balance weight
So, in a sense, Michael Apted's new film is something of a counterweight to balance an unfavourable scale.
Without a general manager in charge of personnel, the head coach doesn't have a counterweight to balance his urge to win now.
As the dump pan fills, a point is reached where it over balances the counterweight and dumps into the mixing chamber.
Despite many people's hopes that it could be a counterweight to US power, the UN cannot act as an independent force.
Some Europeans, particularly the French, dream of a united Europe being a counterweight to U.S. power.
His engine did include a piston but he used a counterweight to extract it.
conservatives saw the family as a counterweight to the power of the state
As if that were not enough, a second trebuchet was built to a French design using a huge swinging ballast-filled basket as a counterweight .
By using counterweights and wheels for lifting he made it possible for a single ox to raise a load so heavy that previously it would hardly have been possible for six pairs of oxen to move it.
Applying this principle to crankshafts, if the counterweights aren't in the right place, the balancing job is much more difficult and ultimately requires more weight to achieve a balanced state.