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counterproductive / приводящий к обратным результатам
имя прилагательное
приводящий к обратным результатам
имя прилагательное
having the opposite of the desired effect.
the response to the disaster was unsuccessful and perhaps even counterproductive
Keeping a player against his will is simply counterproductive .
I can't see how implementation of their policy can be other than counterproductive for Australia.
Second, these attacks will prove woefully counterproductive for the terrorists.
Imposing new taxes on them is counterproductive , if one of your goals is job creation.
As a political matter, it seems highly counterproductive for them to ask for more.
Trying to give credence to the notion that it was somehow a success seems as counterproductive as it is wrong.
Child experts fear the Executive's plans may prove counterproductive .
The protests are counterproductive , because the right wing loves it when the left gets angry.
Why not just say that racism is stupid, counterproductive and morally wrong?
Probation officers said naming and shaming offenders was counterproductive and would lead to more re-offending.