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counterpoint / контрапункт
имя существительное
имя существительное
the art or technique of setting, writing, or playing a melody or melodies in conjunction with another, according to fixed rules.
Valen's approach was derived from Bach, from whose music he evolved a polyphonic technique of dissonant counterpoint .
an argument, idea, or theme used to create a contrast with the main element.
I have used my interviews with parents as a counterpoint to a professional judgment
add counterpoint to (a melody).
the orchestra counterpoints the vocal part
emphasize by contrast.
the cream walls and maple floors are counterpointed by black accents
The game's biggest weakness is its lack of any levity or humor to counterpoint the story's overwhelmingly serious tone.
The band is the counterpoint to Jet - that is to say, they are a rip-off crew that (kind of) makes it work.
The content of the silent film is a pertinent counterpoint to both the events unfolding in the film's expansive narrative, and its questioning of the boundaries of corporeality.
Portrayed in this light, Spinoza becomes the perfect counterpoint to Descartes, a rhetorical move that capitalises on a subliminal reference to the title of Damasio's first book.
Bernstein studied harmony and counterpoint with Walter Piston at Harvard.
The drawings have a Photo-Realist literalness, and a dense, satiny gloss accenting edges and shadows in a masterful counterpoint of tonal values.
Joe is the counterpoint to David, with a programmed love that is all simulation, and can be turned off as well as on.
If she conceives of it as a fugue, she uses techniques of counterpoint and fugal structure to make the piece.
We find also a fascination with Baroque counterpoint and modal melodies from Gregorian chant to Appalachian folk tunes.
I want you to talk a lot about this because it's the counterpoint to what lots of others have said.