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counterfeit / подделывать, подражать, притворяться
forge, fake, imitate, counterfeit, falsify, tamper
imitate, mimic, emulate, copy, ape, counterfeit
pretend, act, feign, dissemble, play, counterfeit
имя существительное
fake, forgery, counterfeit, falsification, fraud, imitation
counterfeit, falsification
forgery, counterfeit, fake
имя прилагательное
counterfeit, forged, spurious, bogus, faked, sham
false, counterfeit, phony, faked, sham, hokey
spurious, counterfeit, supposititious, queer
имя прилагательное
made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.
two men were remanded on bail on a charge of passing counterfeit $10 bills
имя существительное
a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.
he knew the tapes to be counterfeits
imitate fraudulently.
my signature is extremely hard to counterfeit
Typical offenses are growing cannabis, circulating counterfeit money, theft, homicide, and entering the country illegally.
Not to mention that there is a strong connection between counterfeit goods and organized crime gangs and terrorist organizations - it's one way they finance their organizations.
There is a significant black market in both real and counterfeit human growth hormone promoted to sportspeople and fitness people.
You see them on lots of New York City street corners: counterfeit T-shirts, bootleg DVDs, fake designer handbags.
His scheme was revealed as he allegedly attempted to transfer $80 million in funds from legitimate accounts into accounts he controlled using fraudulent wire transfers and counterfeit cheques.
If criminals can counterfeit passports and other I.D. then how long until they can fake the new Identity cards-biometrics or not.
The whole thing boils down to verification once again, where people cannot use fraudulent, counterfeit identification to obtain the right to drive in this country.
Mr Cameron added that when these forged and counterfeit documents were sent to immigration officials in Sheffield they were ignored, and approval was given.
HM Customs at Heathrow also seized 1,000 counterfeit copies of Windows 95 OEM, destined for MST.
The supposedly copy-proof format is providing rich pickings for pirates, and counterfeit versions of the latest films are hitting market stalls at the same time as they reach the cinema.