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counterclockwise / против часовой стрелки
против часовой стрелки
counterclockwise, anticlockwise, contraclockwise
in the opposite direction to the way in which the hands of a clock move around.
They believe it's very hard for one of those counterclockwise storms to turn its way right into this area.
The tapping pattern consisted of touching with the index finger in a counterclockwise direction each of the plates (which were arranged in a square) in turn.
He made a grab for the driver's steering wheel and, with all his might, spun it the whole way counterclockwise .
I travelled around the world clockwise, and Rick went counterclockwise , and our paths crossed as often as we could make them.
At noon, each guard starts at his own station and begins to walk either clockwise or counterclockwise (to be determined randomly).
Bring your feet back to the center, then rotate them counterclockwise .
They all fire from the left side, the aircraft firing in a in counterclockwise direction the whole time.
We went counterclockwise around the island, along the EU-funded autostrada, to the southwest, through traditional mafia country.
When I have my bicycle in a repair stand and turn the cranks counterclockwise the wheel starts going backwards too.
You do so by backing the barrel adjuster out (rotate it counterclockwise when viewed from the end the housing protrudes from).
So I flipped off the wind-shield, and cranked the little valve-control lever around counterclockwise , and then lit the lighter.