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counterclaim / встречный иск, контрпретензия
имя существительное
встречный иск
counterclaim, counteraction
предъявлять встречный иск
имя существительное
a claim made to rebut a previous claim.
And as with any hot scandal, it is fast developing into a whole new blame game altogether with claims and counterclaims flying all over the place - and that's just in the blogosphere.
make a counterclaim for something.
It should be noted that the defendant counterclaimed against the plaintiffs for general damages of $250, 000.00 and punitive damages of $50, 000.00.
I am pretty confident the counterclaim will be tossed out and am hoping to get at least some of my money back, or at least a decision saying the money should be mine.
If you refrain from suing someone, but then they go ahead and sue you, that's the end of your restraint and time to assert the counterclaim .
the debtor has an arguable counterclaim for damages
Claim and counterclaim continue about the salary arrangements.
The defendants have a counterclaim for damages for trespass against the plaintiff.
Our lawyers are looking at the allegations in the counterclaim .
The consulting engineers involved sought payment of $23,000, and got a counterclaim and suit for $200,000 for its claims.
There are a hundred more pieces of the jigsaw to fit into place: retrospective claim and counterclaim about planned and spontaneous action.
For every claim there is, somewhere, a counterclaim .
She instituted proceedings against her landlord for breach of his repairing covenant and he counterclaimed for possession.