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countercharge / встречное обвинение
имя существительное
встречное обвинение
recrimination, countercharge
предъявлять встречное обвинение
countercharge, retaliate, carry the war into the enemy's camp
имя существительное
an accusation made in turn by someone against their accuser.
charges and countercharges concerning producers, quotas, and affidavits
there was a further clash as a crowd charged the police and was dispersed by a countercharge
I think right now there's a sense that both sides are getting tired of all the countercharges .
That doesn't mean they're wrong, of course, but it does mean that there's a bureaucratic war going on and all charges and countercharges should be treated with an appropriate degree of skepticism.
What is the average citizen to do, facing this blizzard of charges and countercharges and theories and countertheories?
The decision to aim at a higher target led to huge increases in cost and lengthy postponements in the timetable, as well as charges and countercharges over where responsibility rested for the new expenses and the delays.
And the charges and countercharges have become increasingly partisan and bitter.
And what responsibility do we have to sort out the charges and countercharges that are being thrown on the stump and on the airwaves?