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counterbalance / противовес, контргруз
имя существительное
counterweight, counterbalance, counter, balance, counterpoise, offset
counterweight, counterbalance, balance weight
balance, counterbalance, equilibrate, compensate, equalize, counterpoise
служить противовесом
counterbalance, equiponderate
имя существительное
a weight that balances another weight.
The counterbalance , straight drive shafts and the unique torque converter maximize the power in a healthy vibration-free curve.
(of a weight) balance (another weight).
This helps get more of your weight to the left side, which counterbalances the weight and force of the ball at release.
However, the movement advantage given by the small size and low weight just isn't enough to counterbalance the negatives brought on by the awkward round design and the difficult button layout.
Do not lift the un-weighted foot out to the side as a counterbalance .
Even the romance between Tarek and Dora, usually a weak link, is handled with enough delicacy here to provide an emotional counterbalance to the main action without descending to schlock.
A counterbalance extended forward of the hinge line of each section.
Concaving one side of the weight block creates a dynamic counterbalance and provides constant motion for strong hook-and-roll characteristics.
Don't tip your head and torso to one side as a counterbalance .
his restoration to power was intended as a counterbalance to his rival's influence
However, as your skill with this exercise improves, you may need to increase the weight slightly to better counterbalance your self-generated contractions.
Since atoms were known to be electrically neutral, Thomson reasoned that there must be some positively charged material inside atoms to counterbalance the negative charges of electrons.
From the back and side views, the figure appears to thrust his pelvis slightly forward, a sense that is emphasized all the more by the slight bend in the knees which seems to counterbalance the figure's weight.