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counter-offer / контрпредложение
имя существительное
counteroffer, counterplan
имя существительное
an offer made in response to another.
‘It could be that the female managers were more likely than the male managers to receive a matching counter-offer and so decided to stay,’ said Dr. Brett.
The ‘informal talks’ between our union and the employers have been about an offer and a counter-offer which are both unacceptable.
He made a counter-offer on the spot, making me Special Correspondent with a 120 per cent rise in salary!
In order to prevent you from leaving, an employer may make you a counter-offer .
He denied reports that he had agreed a lucrative counter-offer to play in Saudi Arabia, insisting he was looking forward to playing for Wanderers in the Premiership.
The Defendants did not accept the offer of the Plaintiff nor did the Defendants make a counter-offer .
In other news, my counter-offer was accepted, so now I'm on my way to owning a condo in August.
His case, if I correctly understand it, is that, having returned the mortgage application with those parts struck out, if the mortgage was then granted it would have been granted on the basis of his counter-offer .
Of course, the seller is going to want more, but think about the counter-offer a short while, then offer him less than he wants.
Union members overwhelmingly rejected the company's counter-offer , including separate contracts for the two sites and 7 percent pay rise over 20 months, at a union meeting on July 20.