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counter-intuitive / нелогичным
трудный для понимания
имя прилагательное
contrary to intuition or to common-sense expectation (but often nevertheless true).
And what we're finding which is especially curious, is that the results are counter-intuitive .
The results of Experiment 1 paint an interesting, and counter-intuitive , picture.
I must confess that most of my readers have found my argument utterly counter-intuitive and contrary to their personal experience.
That theory sounded counter-intuitive to me at first.
It seems a little counter-intuitive to call a 12-day-old baby a stranger.
My counter-intuitive feeling is that the constant exhortations of the need for leaders does not come from ordinary Australians but from certain elites.
The trick is again counter-intuitive : instead of accelerating rapidly when traffic gets going, travel more slowly.
It seems counter-intuitive , but third degree burns are the most severe.
The mothers are showing a typical male profile, and that's counter-intuitive since you would expect them to be showing a more typical female profile.
Instead, what Harford has done is convey the excitement, the power, and the often counter-intuitive results of economic thought.