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counter-espionage / контрразведка
имя существительное
counterintelligence, counterespionage
имя существительное
activities designed to prevent or thwart spying by an enemy.
In this role he had responsibility for compiling intelligence dossiers on its enemies; for planning counter-espionage and for establishing and supervising fascist cells operating in the trade union movement.
The ministry's initial mandate was limited to internal security-the suppression of political dissent, counter-espionage , and sabotage.
Though some of those who had seen his behaviour alerted the personnel department, it was not thought necessary to move him from his counter-espionage work.
The FBI director, Robert Mueller, declared ‘a dramatic departure from the past’ making terrorism prevention the bureau's first priority, followed by counter-espionage .
Kombat includes all main branches like infantry, tanks, artillery and air force plus other like sappers, reconnaissance, counter-espionage and special elements.
the Security Service have responsibility for counter-espionage
In the old days of counter-espionage and counter-terrorism, the government would gather this intelligence and use it to expel diplomats or take other action in the foreign-policy arena.
I had no idea so many women are trained in counter-espionage .
He appears to have been a member of Walsingham's and Burleigh's intelligence and counter-espionage networks.
a small counter-espionage unit