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counter / счетчик, прилавок, стойка
имя существительное
counter, meter, computer, enumerator, calculator, register
counter, stall, bar
rack, stand, counter, bar, pillar, strut
resist, withstand, confront, counter, match, front
contradict, disagree, conflict, counter, contravene, go against
parry, fend off, fend, counter, retort, fend away
имя прилагательное
counter, head, meeting, foul
opposite, opposed, contrary, reverse, counter, inverse
back, return, reverse, inverse, converse, counter
back, backward, inversely, backwards, vice versa, counter
opposite, over against, counter, contra, vis-a-vis
в обратном направлении
backwards, backward, counter, round, about
имя прилагательное
responding to something of the same kind, especially in opposition.
There are, however, juicy counter arguments to the highest value use theory, the most obvious being that we can't all grow grapes.
in the opposite direction to or in conflict with.
some actions by the authorities ran counter to the call for leniency
имя существительное
a long flat-topped fixture in a store or bank across which business is conducted with customers.
Having eaten these we were hard pressed to ignore the shop counter as we departed.
an apparatus used for counting.
the counter tells you how many pictures you have taken
a small disk used as a place marker or for keeping the score in board games.
It was used for making pendants, finger rings, playing counters , dice and even spindle whorls.
a thing that opposes or prevents something else.
the stimulus to employers' organization was partly a counter to growing union power
the curved part of the stern of a ship projecting aft above the waterline.
speak or act in opposition to.
the second argument is more difficult to counter
denoting opposition, retaliation, or rivalry.
Andi, being no fool at boxing, blocked the counter , and then went in for another blow, pulling back with her left arm.
Stanhope sees his openness as a counter to society's hypocrisy about such subjects.
Amanda started wiping the counter with a damp rag.
Supporters counter with the charge that tuition from transit users already partially funds parking services on campus.
Some may argue that flow and power don't go together, but I'd counter with that being a fallacy of the modern Big Move surf culture.
The revamp focused on areas of excellence such as the butchery department, fresh meat and fish department, the fruit and vegetable area as well as the deli food counter .
I set my drink on the counter , it was already half empty.
The peaks themselves are detected by starting a counter at the first sample in the rectified waveform which is above the first threshold value.
Scott Burgess has offered a counter to this column on depletion and it can be found here.
The counter arguments you've made in response to his wish you withdraw the ads are good ones, both legally and ethically.