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counselor / советник, консультант, адвокат
имя существительное
adviser, advisor, counselor, monitor, consultor, counsellor
consultant, adviser, counselor, advisor, consultor, counsellor
lawyer, attorney, counsel, advocate, solicitor, counselor
имя существительное
a person trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems.
a marriage counselor
a person who supervises children at a camp.
Camps should gather specific information about each child and use that in meetings with counselors and supervisors.
a trial lawyer.
Now she was working as a receptionist and sometime counselor , but she was planning to become a paralegal and, after that, an attorney.
a senior officer in the diplomatic service.
Those with interpersonal intelligence are sensitive to others; think of diplomats and counselors as examples.
He is the press counselor at the Chinese embassy in Washington.
We later had a behavioral health counselor talk to him, but Jeremy said he didn't want help - he could handle things on his own.
We had an excellent arts and crafts counselor who knew a great deal about pattern making and sewing.
Mary and the agency counselor meet each week to discuss the progress of his groups.
a debt counselor
As a camp counselor working with inner-city children, I tried to imagine the life these campers live.
There is one counselor for every three or four kids.
After so many other thrills, another counselor says she will take the kids for a walk in the forest.
Redirecting our focus to encompass both the camper and counselor enhances the camp experience for all involved.
A counselor or school psychologist can help identify practical solutions that make it easier for the child and family to cope day by day.