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counsel / адвокат, совет, юрисконсульт
имя существительное
lawyer, attorney, counsel, advocate, solicitor, barrister
advice, council, board, Soviet, counsel, tip
legal adviser, counsel, lawyer, solicitor
recommend, advise, commend, counsel
давать совет
address, counsel
имя существительное
advice, especially that given formally.
As for the European Union, the situation is really bad, though wiser counsels may prevail in the next week or so.
the lawyer or lawyers conducting a case.
the counsel for the defense
give advice to (someone).
he was counseled by his supporters to return to Germany
It is not desirable, but while not condoning the behaviour you try and counsel her and direct her to the parents.
It is a pity that he died at an age when he could have been a rich source of consultancy and counsel to the youthful leaders of this country.
While they continue to counsel caution and bipartisanship on the part of Democrats, other senators are leaping into action.
The chair has to counsel the president on the timing and presentation of information for the board.
I have still to consult with counsel in this matter, my Lord.
Just try and explain to an outsider what it is you really do in the part of your job where you directly counsel kids.
It was taken at trial in the sense that the learned judge was asked by defence counsel for a special verdict to be considered.
Indisputably an appellant solicitor or counsel can conduct his own appeal.
We are told that the defence counsel was dismissed or did not see the trial through and that a solicitor had to do the best he could in the circumstances.
He obviously would have consulted with counsel and they would have told them not to destroy any evidence, first of all, because he'd make matters worse.