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councillor / советник, член совета
имя существительное
adviser, advisor, counselor, monitor, consultor, counsellor
член совета
councilman, regent, councillor
имя существительное
a member of a council.
Municipal councilors , government employees and the general public then paraded around town to welcome in the Thai New Year.
It said the councillor was not seeking to mislead other members or act in a devious manner.
Could it be that they have a councillor or senior council officer in their midst?
A councillor has donated a hand bell to a new town council in memory of his wife.
Parents have got to get together and turn our fire on the councillors and the employers.
Cooperation is requested from all councilors for the final council resolution.
Many councillors work long hours and may spend twenty hours or more a week on council duties.
Therefore councillors get paid what government decrees and have no say in the matter.
So we put in for a national deal and now the same councillors are saying it has to be done locally.
In order to affect city government one had to persuade powerful city councilors who headed up committees.
Each one is made up of a committee of councillors from the wards in that area.