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council / совет, синедрион, совещание
имя существительное
advice, council, board, Soviet, counsel, tip
council, sanhedrim, sanhedrin
conference, session, consultation, counsel, council, palaver
имя существительное
an advisory, deliberative, or legislative body of people formally constituted and meeting regularly.
an official human rights council
local council
The synod, like a general council , however, would have no authority over the pope and no right to reverse his decisions.
The advisory council 's annual meeting, normally held in Kuala Lumpur, is being hosted for the first time in Bayan Lepas.
He is on the council of the Albert Hall.
He went on to call on the council officials to also support the campaign.
that evening, she held a family council
Call a family council at some other time to work out such problems.
advisory council
There is a representative of our 30 townlands on the council .
South Africa would ably represent the continent on the council .