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coulis / подливки
имя существительное
a thin fruit or vegetable puree, used as a sauce.
For the berry coulis : Puree the fruit with the sorbet syrup, strain and chill.
Place a stuffed piquillo pepper at one end of the coulis and a mound of Parmesan powder at the opposite end.
The coulis (the left - over blackberry and whisky) was sold to hotels, which produced from it their own sauces.
For the corn coulis , in a medium sauté pan, melt two ounces of butter over medium heat until foaming.
Pureed and thinned with a little stock syrup, it makes a coulis to accompany baked lemon cheesecake or a passionfruit mousse.
Place crab in a pool of lobster sauce and drizzle with mango coulis and lobster oil.
Spoon a portion of the orange passion fruit coulis around the cheesecake.
I simply stuck a spring of mint into a mixture of lightly crushed kiwi flesh and sugar, just to add a hint of mint to the coulis .
The mousse was the better of the two, primarily because the richness of the chocolate was nicely offset by the coulis .
And a devilish mustard-oil-red-pepper coulis allows seared scallops to start velvety, then bite back.
You'll find plenty of satisfying dishes here, such as marinated ahi tuna coated in black and white sesame seeds with a mango-cucumber coulis .