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couch / диван, кушетка, тахта
имя существительное
sofa, couch, divan, settee, lounge, ottoman
couch, daybed, squab, divan-bed
couch, ottoman, divan, davenport
bed, couch, bedding
priming, ground, soil, earth, bottom, couch
lie down, lay, couch
express, signify, voice, convey, put, couch
lie, lay, rest, lie with, couch, lie up
set out, pose, set forth, state, expound, couch
имя существительное
a long upholstered piece of furniture for several people to sit on.
Furniture includes chairs and couches upholstered in amber, magenta, and burgundy.
express (something) in language of a specified style.
many false claims are couched in scientific jargon
lie down.
two creatures couched side by side in the deep grass
lower (a spear) to the position for attack.
treat (a cataract) by pushing the lens of the eye downward and backward, out of line with the pupil.
The surgeon performed a type of cataract surgery known as couching .
(in embroidery) fix (a thread) to a fabric by stitching it down flat with another thread.
gold and silver threads couched by hand
I bring it up on my therapist's couch later that day.
The Rotary club has also raised funds to buy a new examination couch , costing £350.
The room was almost empty except for the random couch , table, desk, and a large plant in the far corner.
To couch several smaller threads, twist them together before they enter the scroll.
The main weeds dying back were creeping thistle, couch and mature knotgrass.
He hung up the phone and pulled a chair from the kitchen over to the couch and sat down.
What he really needs is a lot of time on a psychiatrist's couch .
the child was lying on the examination couch
The place was bare of furniture except for the couch .
Here I am thirteen years later, sobbing on a therapist's couch .