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cotton / хлопок, хлопчатник, вата
имя существительное
cotton, clap, pat, flap, smack, swat
cotton, cotton-plant
wadding, cotton, cottonwool
имя прилагательное
cotton, wadded, quilted
cotton, cottony
cotton, take a fancy to, take a fancy for
get on, get along with, agree, rub along, get on with, cotton
agree, accord, correspond, cohere, square, cotton
имя существительное
a soft white fibrous substance that surrounds the seeds of a tropical and subtropical plant and is used as textile fiber and thread for sewing.
a cargo of cotton and wheat
the plant that is commercially grown for cotton products. Oil and a protein-rich flour are also obtained from the seeds.
The cotton plant is very sensitive to low available soil K.
begin to understand.
he cottoned on to what I was trying to say
have a liking for.
his rivals didn't cotton to all the attention he was getting
The material was always soft like silk or cotton .
Once inside he removed his shirt, replacing it with the white cotton one his mother had made him earlier that month.
a cotton reel
Finally enterprising farmers who produced a surplus could sell their excess for coin, invest in more land, and grow cash crops like cotton and tobacco.
On the other hand, he explained that the current hunger in his area was due to people concentrating on growing cash crops such as cotton instead of maize.
Once they conceive a quilt, the fabrics are chosen, cut up and combined using organic cotton wadding.
It is woven of white wool with red cotton piping.
The firm's services range from tracking fashion trends to developing scientific methods that can be used to measure the quality of cotton fibers.
For those who appreciate quality cotton and silk textiles, this show is a must.
There were different weaves in jute and blends of jute with cotton and silk.