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cottage / коттедж, изба, хижина
имя существительное
cottage, cabin, chalet, cabana, bower
cottage, peasant's house
hut, cabin, shack, cottage, crib, cot
имя существительное
a small simple house, typically one near a lake or beach.
About a third of homes in the upper Yorkshire Dales are second homes or holiday cottages and three-quarters of house sales are to outsiders.
When you step onto the cupped stair tread of an old farm cottage or Victorian rambler you think of all the people who passed this way before you.
Sixty houses are believed to have been built by him and rented out at moderate rates, and poor children were invited to his country cottage during the summer holidays.
Corporal Robert Moulton, farm supervisor, lived in the cottage built on the farm until 1857.
a holiday cottage
Stepping inside, Allie paused to look around at the cottage 's simple elegance.
Next weekend I start a week's holiday in a cottage in the Cotswalds.
From the front, the home would be a simple white cottage with a welcoming front porch, topped by a high, peaked black roof.
The road then bends to the right, past a farm cottage with a boisterous beck tumbling from the brackened heights behind.
Crouching, he could see through the window to the farm fields behind the cottage .
Access to the bunker is through a cellar door in a farm cottage next to a quiet road.