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coterie / кружок, избранный круг, замкнутый круг
имя существительное
circle, coterie, circlet, section, roundel, balloon
избранный круг
замкнутый круг
имя существительное
a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people.
a coterie of friends and advisers
As it is, he has virtually become a prisoner of the coterie around him!
No doubt the winner will be most gratified and a coterie of industry insiders will take great interest in the results.
A coterie of students stood close by the stairs to the beach, kicking sand at each other and taking turns leaping into the ocean.
We haven't yet reached the point where the coterie begins to jump ship, but they have enough to worry about already.
He has numerous houses in several countries and embraces a coterie of celebrity friends.
The show depends on a coterie of regular guests.
Obviously, the difference was pocketed by the ruling coterie .
This coterie , some ministers complain, has made an otherwise accessible chief minister elusive.
a coterie of friends and advisers
a coterie of friends and advisers