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cot / детская кроватка, раскладушка, хижина
имя существительное
детская кроватка
cot, crib
cot, camp-cot
hut, cabin, shack, cottage, crib, cot
имя существительное
a camp bed, particularly a portable, collapsible one.
With trepidation, he slowly got out of one of the portable cots of the type that everyone slept in and put on a pair of cloth trousers.
a small shelter for livestock.
Tangent is usually abbreviated to tan and cotangent to cot .
It's a small room, with next to no room for manoeuvring, as most of it is occupied by a double bed, a large wardrobe and the baby's cot .
The suite also provides a printed Memory Book for each baby, containing the baby's cot card, hand and foot prints, photographs and sometimes some of the baby's hair.
Plans to improve heart services and provide an extra intensive-care cot for poorly newborn babies have been unveiled.
Then, after he had rolled up his cot, he set both the blanket and the cot in a corner.
I threw it under my cot and climbed into bed, eager to sleep away the night.
After saying my goodnights, I returned to my tent and got comfortable on my collapsible cot .
As a mathematician he is best known as the first to use the notation cot .
Then tie it to the baby's cot at night to reduce separation anxiety.
Looking down, she noticed she was lying on a sort of army cot .
She rolled my cot from the closet and opened it in the middle of the room, leaving just enough space for us to walk sideways between the sofa and the cot in case we had to go to the bathroom.