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cosy / уютный, удобный, укромный
имя прилагательное
cozy, comfortable, snug, homely, comfy, homelike
convenient, comfortable, easy, handy, comfy, cozy
secluded, quiet, cozy, secret, snug, cosy
имя существительное
стеганый чехол
cozy, cosy
имя прилагательное
giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.
a cozy cabin tucked away in the trees
имя существительное
a cover to keep a teapot hot.
White your tea steeps, keep it hot with a teapot cozy .
give (someone) a feeling of comfort or complacency.
she cozied him, pretending to find him irresistibly attractive
It was a true romantic rendezvous for many a couple who made themselves comfortable in the cosy confines of the pub.
But there is a cosy complacency that Scotland doesn't suffer from it, when that is simply not true.
Policy communities are cosy relationships between organized interests and officials.
It's a cosy relationship of mutual dependence that is replicated throughout the whole of the human services.
If so - and it's hard to think of any other reason - the relationship between the Court of Appeals and the company seems just a little too cosy for comfort.
She busied herself with the cheese and crackers and had just put the cosy on the steaming pot of tea when the front door opened violently and crashed against the wall.
Then in steps the villain, with an almost Machiavellian intent to wreck the perfectly cosy relationship that the two lovers have built up.
In case you're wondering, it is an egg cosy , one of those things that are useful yet terribly impractical and fun.
The cosy relationship between old political strongmen and big business is dead.
But it illustrates yet again the uncomfortably cosy relationship between those in power and those charged with policing them in the nicest possible way.