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costumier / костюмер
имя существительное
dresser, costumier, fashioner
a theatrical costumier
With his death the true loss to mourn is not that of the celebrity designer, but of the outstanding theatrical costumier of his age.
Thankfully, the costumier and my mother returned to the room.
The costumier Tanya took us again to check the costume painting.
She is a skilful costumier , but she has had to develop new skills when dealing with actors, designers and directors.
A trip to a theatrical costumier 's secured the fancy dress, complete with buckled shoes, breeches and elaborate cuffs and ruff.
It depends on what I'm shopping for, but I do reasonably well because I get my corsets and costumes made for me by my best-friend who is a costumier , and she makes things for me at extremely good rates.
They are designers, art directors, costumers and especially animators.
They've been supplying their established costumers with rationed amounts of vaccine, depending on their needs, and are just ramping up supply enough now to meet the needs of new customers.
And, as I have patiently had to explain to costumers in shows I have directed, footwear is very important for the actor.