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cost / расходы, стоимость, затраты
имя существительное
costs, expenses, cost, spending, expense, charges
value, cost, worth, purchase, denomination, damage
cost, spending, outlay
cost, be worth, be, lose, count for, command
cost, get along, treat, deal, handle, use
дорого стоить
имя существительное
an amount that has to be paid or spent to buy or obtain something.
we are able to cover the cost of the event
(of an object or an action) require the payment of (a specified sum of money) before it can be acquired or done.
each issue of the magazine costs $2.25
estimate the price of.
it is their job to plan and cost a media schedule for the campaign
Of course we all want to see all possible diseases cured, but surely not at the cost of human sacrifice?
It was the Hokies' only loss, and it cost them another shot at a national title.
how much does it cost?
He did criticise them for failing to cost their plans properly.
In many regions, the amount of cash payments for travel did not cover the cost of a monthly pass.
But local wildlife officials have vetoed this idea so far, he said, and this has cost him clients.
Sometimes, early success is achieved at the cost of a child's childhood.
the earthquake cost the lives of five hundred people
The slight loss of concentration in the final corner which cost her a skeleton medal on Friday highlighted the point.
It has since clawed back market share, but only at the cost of sacrificing a good chunk of profit margin.