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cosset / ласкать, баловать, нежить
caress, fondle, pet, stroke, canoodle, cosset
indulge, pamper, spoil, pet, coddle, cosset
cosher, cosset, canoodle
имя существительное
favorite, pet, darling, fondling, minion, cosset
любимый ягненок
darling, pet, coddle, cosset
care for and protect in an overindulgent way.
all her life she'd been cosseted by her family
Here are a few drinks ideas to help cosset your mum on Mothering Sunday.
The silence comes from an allegedly compassionate desire to protect or cosset the poor, rather than treating them like responsible adults.
And it's not just pampered pooches and cosseted cats who are in with a chance of stealing the show.
The young Howard Hughes was not helped by his over-protective mother who cosseted him to such an extent that he was not even allowed to go to school for fear he would not be properly looked after.
This is the most delicately flavoured rhubarb there is, cosseted and pampered to keep its subtlety.
The successful five were moved into a plush secret location with the kind of kitchen folks like us can only dream about; they were cosseted and counselled, indulged and admired.
Every woman wants to be adored, loved, cosseted and taken care of and protected.
By the end of the first glass of champagne we had been cosseted , pampered and ready for whatever Jacques and Laurent might suggest!
His target was the traditional social model, the set of protections and regulations that have cosseted European workers for so long.
But she worries about him, and cossets him - and then of course, my father, wonderful man though he is, realises he's got someone at his beck and call and plays up to it.