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cosmos / космос, вселенная, упорядоченная система
имя существительное
space, cosmos, universe
universe, world, cosmos, macrocosm, system
упорядоченная система
имя существительное
the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.
he sat staring deep into the void, reminding himself of his place in the cosmos
an ornamental plant of the daisy family with single dahlialike flowers. Native to tropical America, it is widely grown as an ornamental.
Plant members of the daisy family, cosmos and yarrow to encourage beneficials.
Their results suggest that the reionization of the cosmos occurred when the universe was 6-7 percent of its current age.
But then on the other hand, the whole cosmos or universe is based on this love or compassion.
he sat staring deep into the void, reminding himself of man's place in the cosmos
Let us begin with the notion of the universe as cosmos .
Geraniums, dianthus, cosmos , sweet peas and even fuchsias are also popular.
If you are tempted to plant annual flower seedlings, consider the most heat-tolerant ones such as petunias, calendulas, cosmos & African marigolds.
Sow annual flowers such as asters, cosmos , zinnias and marigolds as soon as the frost has passed and the air begins to warm up.
We respond to the luminous revelations of small transcendences rather than the ungraspable miracles of the universe or the cosmos .
Those are parts of the cosmos, but not the whole of the cosmos .
FW, who bares her heart selectively, creates a uterine cosmos , exclusively.