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cosmopolitan / космополитический
имя прилагательное
cosmopolitan, cosmopolite
имя существительное
cosmopolitan, cosmopolite
имя прилагательное
familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.
his knowledge of French, Italian, and Spanish made him genuinely cosmopolitan
имя существительное
a cosmopolitan person.
He writes about the divide in society between the elites, who are cosmopolitans , and the mass of citizens, who are nationalists.
a cocktail typically made with vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and lime juice.
It's the place where I learned how to make and drink cosmopolitans , mojitos, and Martinis.
Chicago also offers the culture and excitement of cosmopolitan metros.
It is dense because the map of the festival merely draws attention to what is already a dense, cosmopolitan music culture, known throughout the world as Chicago blues or urban blues.
But, more seriously, his cosmopolitan upbringing - born in Malta, brought up in Elgin, Berkshire and Hong Kong - has prepared him well for life on the road.
At the core there is affluence, relative security of employment and a cosmopolitan culture based on networking with peers in a global cultural environment.
Bombay has a very complex cosmopolitan culture.
He is the classic rootless cosmopolitan .
Some of that admiration has recently been squandered by the behaviour of our major political parties, who regard standing up for cosmopolitan principles as electorally risky and a sign of weakness.
In all of this there was not the slightest trace of cosmopolitan openness or tolerance of other cultures.
Rather, what I want to do is to develop an account of the cosmopolitan respect for differences and to explore what that respect requires when we are engaged in moral debate across the boundaries between nations.
Grab a cosmopolitan , put on a swingy kind of skirt, and dance.