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cosmetology / косметология, косметика
имя существительное
cosmetics, cosmetic, makeup, cosmetology, toiletry, maquillage
имя существительное
the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin.
One set of twins was arrested for not having a licence to practice cosmetology .
Only her plans for going for an MD in cosmetology had to be put on hold as her jet-setting career kept her busy.
This year's exhibition introduces a wide range of spa-related activities - from the latest spa sessions, spa music therapy, essential oils, spa hot-spring hotels, spa trips and cosmetology seminars.
Ultimately he dropped out before finishing his cosmetology training.
Two years after graduating from high school, Stacie began attending cosmetology school full time.
In many schools vocational programs remained segregated with cosmetology and secretarial courses only for women and electrical and automotive courses only for men.
She said her dream is to own a training institute where people can learn and enhance their skills in beauty culture and cosmetology .
The rise of " cosmeceuticals " blurs the lines between dermatology and cosmetology in ways that many consumers don't understand.
African hair braiding uses no chemicals and doesn't involve pedicures or haircutting, while cosmetology training doesn't address hair braiding at all.
One set of twins was arrested for not having a licence to practice cosmetology .
I had found a home course for cosmetology and had been studying.