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corsair / корсар, пират, капер
имя существительное
pirate, filibuster, buccaneer, rover, corsair, freebooter
privateer, captor, caper, corsair
имя существительное
a pirate.
Reputations spread through any community, and the pirates and corsairs knew who they wanted to work with, as well as who they did NOT want to work with…
‘I'd rather be in my corsair , but thanks for the offer,’ Gualtero said.
Could he be a pirate captain, eager to hang my severed head from the bow of his corsair ?
From beneath his cloak, their follower drew a rusting corsair sabre and menaced the horse with it.
If there were any corsairs docked, they were well disguised…
Cutthroats, corsairs , and hot-shot pilots we got coming out of our ears.
Behind the high walls, hidden by a long screen of ilexes, you are suddenly back in the eighteenth century, surrounded by the obelisks and mausolea of sea captains and corsairs , exiled aristocrats and shipwrecked plantation owners.
‘Or at least a hundred pirate corsairs ,’ Garcia added.
The war at sea was fought mainly by privateers on all sides, and the 2,800 enemy ships taken by French corsairs represent perhaps the greatest consistent success of the war.
The old look out towers had to be manned against corsairs but they also earned their keep as observation points for the lucrative and highly organized hunts for the great shoals of tuna fish.
European maritime powers paid the tribute demanded by the rulers of the privateering states of North Africa (Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, and Morocco) to prevent attacks on their shipping by corsairs .