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corrupt / развращать, искажать, разлагать
corrupt, deprave, pervert, defile, debauch, pollute
distort, misrepresent, deform, twist, corrupt, skew
decompose, corrupt, disintegrate, resolve, dissolve, demoralize
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, damage
bribe, buy, corrupt, suborn, buy over, tamper
имя прилагательное
corrupt, venal, purchasable, bribable, reptile, vendible
spoiled, depraved, tainted, damaged, corrupt, bad
corrupt, depraved, debauched, graceless, filthy, polluted
rotten, putrid, decayed, corrupt, unsound, carious
distorted, perverted, misrepresented, warped, mutilated, corrupt
имя прилагательное
having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.
unscrupulous logging companies assisted by corrupt officials
(of a text or a computer database or program) made unreliable by errors or alterations.
Though one may quibble at some of O'Brien's choices in this free adaptation, she gives force and clarity to a notoriously corrupt text and rescues the ending from tricksy bathos.
cause to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.
there is a continuing fear of firms corrupting politicians in the search for contracts
change or debase by making errors or unintentional alterations.
Epicurus's teachings have since been much corrupted
Although the amount paid through companies was a little more, the stories of corrupt officials extracting money from otherwise honest taxpayers put many people off registering.
One is forced to believe in rumours of corrupt officials selling quality produce to private shops for personal gain.
I say we should ban the corrupt corporate money.
Contractors in connivance with corrupt officials do shoddy work deliberately, so that they get a fresh contract soon for the job.
It seems to me that we have pretty wisely recognized, over time, that in fact a person's ostensible theology tells us pretty little about how corrupt or evil he's going to be.
Yet the main purpose of the book is to tackle perennial ethical conundrums: How do we handle prosperity without becoming morally corrupt ?
This prevents servers from accessing storage resources not allocated to them, which could potentially corrupt valuable data.
It has to do with the corrupt misuse of big money to subvert democracy.
He was a frugal man himself and he feared that the money would corrupt both his family and the strict religious principles of his regime.
The Review, meanwhile, was uncovering the city's underworld, its gangsters and corrupt officials, its brutality and greed.